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Comedian- Shereen

She calls herself the, "Funny Brown Girl", and that is exactly what she is. Much of Shereen's comedy is focused on her relationship with her Muslim parents. She also draws on her dating experiences as an intelligent, beautiful woman, and has no problem spilling all. A sarcastic young woman, Shereen enjoys sharing her experiences and observations of intolerable, ignorant people in a fun-witted dialogue.

Shereen won the 2015 Orlando Improv's Clash of the Comic competition and the inaugural 2015 Brickell Comedy Festival in Miami, Florida. In 2016, she was invited to perform at LaughFest in Michigan and the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin. In 2017, Shereen performed at the Boston Women in Comedy Festival. She is a regular host on iHeartMedia's Monsters in the Morning talk radio show.