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John Holley is a 26 year old soul/pop/singer-songwriter based out of Orlando, FL. Singing from the young age of 5 and picking up the guitar at 12, he has spent most of his life playing music. Majoring in Music Performance at the world renowned University of North Florida School of Music, John has played with many famous and Grammy Award winning musicians. He then returned to his hometown of Orlando to etch himself into the music scene. Since then, he has played across the country, internationally, and has been featured in print, on the radio, and even on television for his music. Influenced by a huge range of artists from all genres, including John Mayer, Frank Ocean, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Drake, and Radiohead, John Holley's sound is at once classic and modern, with elements of folk, pop, jazz, rock & more, masterfully blended onto the unique, one-of-a-kind sound his listeners know and love him for. 

John Holley already has one album under his belt, entitled "Distance" released in 2005. His second studio effort is currently underway, set to be released in July. The album release will be followed by a national tour, where he will be joined by his band in cities including New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle.